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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Choosing a Kayak Series: A Proper Kayak Demo

The single most important thing to do before purchasing a kayak is to give it a spin. This may seem to be an intuitive step in the buying process but many customers settle on buying what they see on the showroom wall and neglect to explore what the kayak feels like on the water. Would … Continue reading »

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Is Kayaking an Art or a Science??

There is a bit of a debate floating around the kayak instructing world as to whether the sport of kayaking is better described as an art or as a science. Recently, Alex challenged me to an instructor duel of sorts in which we will each take a stab at this question from our individual perspectives … Continue reading »

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Cold Water Immersion and Survival

It can happen during any time of the year in even the least expecting conditions. A slip on the dock, falling through ice, or the accidental canoe or kayak capsize can bring you face to face with a cold water survival situation. But wait… it is 70 degrees outside and you are an excellent swimmer … Continue reading »

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LL Bean Neoprene Gloves Review

A solid pair of neoprene gloves is an essential component in the winter paddling gear locker. I’ve found a nice pair in the LL Bean Neoprene Gloves. The best thing about these gloves is their simple yet thoughtful design. They are made of 3mm neoprene and have a rubberized “sharkskin” palm for a slip-free grip … Continue reading »

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Choosing a Kayak Series: Length & Width

The most important question to ask yourself when shopping for a new kayak is “where will I be paddling this kayak most often?” Will you be paddling exclusively on tranquil ponds, exploring near-coastal waters, or taking part in full-blown, open-ocean crossings on your commute to work??? The answer to this question will point you and … Continue reading »

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NeoSport 5mm Pull-On Paddle Boot

Moving in-and-out of your kayak without adequate, closed-toed shoes can put your feet at risk. Coastal elements such as sea shells, broken glass, dock splinters, fish hooks, and sharp rocks can quickly put an end to your day on the water. But wait…it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the NeoSport 5mm Pull-On Paddle Boot to the … Continue reading »

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Welcome Aboard, Alex!

Kayak Dave’s is proud to announce the addition of Alex Russo to our team of instructors and contributing authors. Alex has five seasons of kayak instruction and sales experience with Coastal Kayak Educators and Billington Sea Kayak in Plymouth. He has a great perspective on the sport so take a minute to check out his … Continue reading »

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Caught by Google Earth!

After our epic Boston-to-Plymouth paddle, Alex took it upon himself to trace our course on Google Earth to verify the distance we traveled. I’m still at a loss for how he was able to spot us in the image below. What are the odds that Google would be mapping Boston Harbor from space at the … Continue reading »

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Trip Report: Boston-to-Plymouth Epic

This was a trip that I had been dreaming about ever since I left home in Plymouth and went off to college in Boston. How cool would it be to gather up a few friends, hop in the kayaks, and paddle home to Plymouth to wrap up the school year? It would be EPIC and … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas from Kayak Dave’s

We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season! Please feel free to comment on this post with any Christmas paddling stories! -Kayak Dave

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