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Werner Ikelos Paddle Review

Posted by on December 11, 2011

The Ikelos paddle by Werner is an ultra-light and stable high-angle paddle perfect for all of you more “aggressive” paddling types. If I were to compare the Ikelos to a garden tool then I would choose the shovel. This paddle is clearly designed to get you places and is not for the faint of heart (or for those of you with elbow issues). The high angle design and large blade area scream “MORE POWER!” I’ve seen many racers choose the Ikelos over various wing paddles due to its more reliable power and efficiency without the nuances of the wing stroke. It’s not that you have to be a racer to enjoy paddling with the Ikelos. I often choose it over my other paddles on trips where crossings or mixed sea conditions require a reliable and powerful forward stroke to get me through.

The Ikelos is not all about power. The foam-core, carbon fiber construction of Werner’s premium paddle line provides an ultra-light layup that weighs in at a mere 24-25oz. The foam-core also provides for increased paddle buoyancy. This feeling was a little unnatural at first as I felt that I had to force the paddle into the water on the catch but became unnoticeable with time. The increased buoyancy pays great dividends while rolling as the Ikelos seeks the surface during the set-up phase and provides a stable platform during the brace phase. Likewise, low and high braces in the surf are super solid. Finally, its smooth faces allow for seamless transition strokes and sculling.

For all of these reasons the Ikelos is, by far, my favorite and most often used paddle in the quiver. I’m sure that the Greek God of Dreams would approve as well.

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Final Verdict:

Pros: Stable, Powerful, Light-weight, Smooth transitions

Cons: Expensive, Overly aggressive for most paddlers

Kayak Dave rating:


4 Responses to Werner Ikelos Paddle Review

  1. Holmes

    Nice review. Do you use the straight or bent-shaft version?

    • arrudad


      I use the straight shaft version. In general, its a touch lighter and allows for multiple grip points. Furthermore, the ergonimics of the bent shaft dont work out for me so well. Im missing some pieces in my left wrist so I hold my paddle a little funny to begin with. Bent shafs are really a matter of persoanl preference and the bst way to know if theyre right for you is to test one out. With that said,the Ikelos is an excellent paddle and one of the best out there in my opinion. Im sure youll enjoy it!

      Kayak Dave

  2. Holmes

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ve been paddling a Corryvrecken straight shaft for years now and quite like it. Spent a day with a bent shaft Cyprus and found it comfortable for the forward stroke but not sure I like the bent shaft for manoeuvring. I’ve got a decent stroke with no wrist issues thus I will probably stay with a straight shaft for my Ikelos. Kind of an ‘old dog -new tricks’ thing, ya know?!

    Thanks again for the review and follow-up.

    Pleasant waters to ya.

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