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LL Bean Neoprene Gloves Review

Posted by on December 29, 2011

A solid pair of neoprene gloves is an essential component in the winter paddling gear locker. I’ve found a nice pair in the LL Bean Neoprene Gloves. The best thing about these gloves is their simple yet thoughtful design. They are made of 3mm neoprene and have a rubberized “sharkskin” palm for a slip-free grip on your paddle. A Velcro wrist strap prevents the gloves from slipping off. These gloves have a comfortable feel and provide for unrestricted motion. They fit true to size and are a great bargain at only $20.00!

The LL Bean neoprene gloves have had mixed reviews but let me settle the score as I feel that some of the reviews out there are not fair. First, neoprene gloves are not meant to be waterproof. However, they will go a long way to keeping your hands warm when either wet or dry. I’ve paddled in the dead of New England winter with these gloves and my fingers have stayed toasty warm. I will agree with other reviewers in pointing out the biggest downfall of these gloves: durability. Over time you will notice that the “sharkskin” palm will begin to break down and delaminate from the neoprene portion of the glove. I was able to get through two full paddling seasons before this happened to my pair which is longer than some reviewers have claimed. I’d attribute this increase in longevity to being diligent about washing the gloves in fresh water after each use and air-drying.

I’ve appreciated my LL Bean Neoprene Gloves over the years. I’m well into my second pair and have a new third pair that I bring along as a spare. At $20.00 you really can’t go wrong!

Final Verdict:

Pros: Inexpensive, Simple design, Unrestricted motion, Comfortable, Warm

Cons: Questionable durability.

Size: Fits true to size

Kayak Dave Rating:

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