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Monthly Archives: December 2011

New Kayak Dave’s Logo!

Kayak Dave’s is excited to announce our new logo. Check back for alternate versions in the months ahead!

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Choosing a Kayak – An Instructional Series

Kayaks come in all shapes and sizes. Short, long, wide, narrow, heavy, light, ect. The choices seem endless and choosing the proper kayak to fit your needs can quickly become overwhelming. If you’re interested in purchasing a kayak then there are some steps that you can take to narrow your selection of possibilities and get … Continue reading »

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Bears, OH MY!

Unlike Moose, which I have unsuccessfully endeavored to encounter in the woods of New Hampshire, bears are a creature that I would have been totally fine to go forever without seeing face-to-face in the wild. It’s not that I’m scared of them but I don’t want to try my luck either. My girlfriend, on the … Continue reading »

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Trip Report: Five Islands, ME

This trip served as part three of my post-college graduation kayaking “expedition” to the Bath region of Maine.  In it, I was looking for something uniquely Maine and I found it. A quaint fishing village, a lighthouse, an island full of seals, and even an unexpected deer sighting highlighted this memorable trip. The only thing … Continue reading »

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Kokatat Ronin Pro PFD Review

Overview: “The Ronin Pro is a low profile rescue PFD with full spinal and side protection due to a unique internal harness that also provides a comfortable, secure fit. The front-entry design offers maximum mobility and safety convenience with a quick release chest harness, cowtail sleeve, and large duplex front pockets.” – Kokatat The Deets: PFD … Continue reading »

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Trip Report: Annisquam River, MA

This past July, my girlfriend and I took an amazing after-work paddle out to the mouth of the Annisquam River in Gloucester, MA. Our launch site was the Long-Warf Landing boat launch. There, we found ample parking and a group of towns people sunbathing, launching motor boats, and otherwise enjoying the pleasant, mid-summer afternoon. After … Continue reading »

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The Kayak Floatation Situation

One of the most important things to consider when buying a kayak is the floatation situation. You may be thinking: “Ok, Kayak Dave…what are you trying to get at here? You’re telling me that the fact that a kayak is a boat and therefore inherently floats is not enough??” What I’m trying to get at … Continue reading »

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The Last Dollar

I rarely ever carry cash these days with just about everyone in the consumer market accepting credit or debit cards. However, I often find a single, lonely dollar bill in my wallet and it has become a sort of symbol of charity to me. It makes me think what I would do with my very … Continue reading »

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The Amazing Paddle Float!

Arguably, the next most important piece of sea kayaking safety gear aside from the PFD is the trusty paddle float. Paddle floats come in many shapes and sizes from rectangular blocks of foam to vinyl pillow-case-like contraptions with hoses to fill inflatable bladders. Regardless of the design, all paddle floats serve the same function: as … Continue reading »

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My First Moose Sighting!

I never would have figured that coming across a moose in the wild would be so difficult. I mean, they’re not exactly inconspicuous creatures after all. I also had mathematics firmly on my side. With all of the time that I have spent tramping through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, probability says that it … Continue reading »

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