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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Happy Birthday, Meaghan!

Wishing you a lovely 27th birthday, my dear! I hope you like your new PFD and get psyched for some cupcakes! <3 Kayak Dave

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A Blast from the Past!

If you’ve ever been interested in examining where my kayaking mind was about 7 years ago this may be your best chance! Today, while deep-sixing some of my old college notes, I came across this very interesting essay on “ocean kayaks” which I apparently wrote as an assignment in a Technical Communications course. I’ve found … Continue reading »

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Bisquick Shake-n-Pour Pancake Mix

Do you like pancakes??? I LOVE PANCAKES! There’s nothing better than waking up at the campsite, firing up the griddle, and cooking some tasty pancakes to start a morning off right! The only downside to making pancakes at camp is the amount of cookware and the mess that it can create to clean up. Fear-thee-not … Continue reading »

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Keep Calm and Paddle On

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Trip Report: Washburn Island, Falmouth, MA

A weekend of camping on Washburn Island has become an annual “must do” on my summer activities list! Washburn Island is located on the western side of the Wacoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in East Falmouth, MA. The wooded island boasts over a dozen, primitive, waterfront campsites that look out across Wacoit Bay. It’s … Continue reading »

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Robbed by the Tide!

Every kayaker has been guilty of taking the tide for granted when leaving their kayaks on the beach. We all know that the tide is a predictable force: it comes and goes in roughly a 12 hour cycle and the amount of water that comes and goes is well defined by charts and observation of … Continue reading »

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Magic Dolphins in Zoar Gap

The first trip through Zoar Gap on the Deerfield River in Western, MA is a rite of passage for fledgling New England white water paddlers. The Gap is a short, typically friendly stretch of class 3 white water that consists of three drops of about 3-4ft each and is largely devoid of any “munchy” holes. … Continue reading »

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Trip Report: Bear Island from Seal Harbor, Acadia NP, ME

I had made my first trip up to Acadia with my girlfriend to meet up with a group of college friends at Black Wood Campground for Memorial Day Weekend in 2011. It was nearly sinful in the kayak world for me, an instructor of 10 years, to have never been paddling in Acadia! It was … Continue reading »

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Gerber Back Paxe II Review

Whether it’s for splitting wood at the campfire ring or clearing away some downed timber to make way for a site, an ax is a useful tool to have along on any kayak camping adventure. However, we are often deterred by the size and weight of an axe and end up leaving it behind. Every … Continue reading »

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Choosing a Kayak Series: Stability Assessment

Stability is one of the most important and complicated features to consider when buying a kayak. The stability of a kayak is it’s resistance to tipping. It can also be described as how “twitchy” it feels under you when sitting in the kayak on the water. Stability can have a major impact on the paddler’s … Continue reading »

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