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Bisquick Shake-n-Pour Pancake Mix

Posted by on January 26, 2012

Do you like pancakes??? I LOVE PANCAKES! There’s nothing better than waking up at the campsite, firing up the griddle, and cooking some tasty pancakes to start a morning off right! The only downside to making pancakes at camp is the amount of cookware and the mess that it can create to clean up. Fear-thee-not for General Mills has created a marvelous solution to meet our kayak-camping/pancake-eating needs:

The Bisquick Shake-n-Pour Pancake Mix offers a super convenient way to make pancakes at camp. The waterproof bottle seals the powdered mix to protect it on the journey to camp. When you’re ready to make the cakes just add water up to the line, shake it up good, and pour onto the hot griddle. When you’re done, simply seal up the mix mess by replacing the lid and toss the bottle back into the trash hatch. No need to bring along (or clean) that mixing bowl and grandma’s big wooden spoon! The only thing that could make this better were if they included a little gnome to scrape that dang griddle clean.

Finally, glorious pancakes without the hassle and half the mess!

Final Verdict:

Specs: 10.6 oz bottle makes 12-15 pancakes. Find it at your local super market!

Pros: Just add water, contains the mess, and eliminates mixing bowl/spoon.

Cons: Griddle cleaning gnome not included!

Kayak Dave Rating:

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