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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Check Out This Cookie Fortune…

This story has nothing to do with kayaking but I thought that it was fabulous enough to make a post out of. Last night, my family had a belated Christmas dinner for some of us who were at the in-laws for the holiday. Dinner was Chinese and culminated with the traditional fortune cookie. My sister’s … Continue reading »

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Kayak Dave’s Paddling Playlist

To round out Guitar Week at we present to you a playlist that is sure to sooth your paddling soul. The songs appear in no particular order but each holds a special place in my kayaking and Caribbean memories. Also, a special shout-out to the band Hey Anna! from NJ coming in at lucky … Continue reading »

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How to Make a Custom Guitar Dry Bag

Guitarists can certainly appreciate the affects that moisture can have on a guitar. The neck and body of most guitars are made of wood. This is a dynamic medium that expands and contracts with changes in moisture affecting both the tone of the instrument and the tuning of the strings. Therefore, getting your favorite guitar … Continue reading »

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Paddling Jargon 101: Kayak Parts

It is not uncommon for paddling newcomers to walk upon a conversation between two die-hard kayakers and have difficulty understanding the content of the discussion. Even some of the basic terminologies used to describe kayak designs, wave types, paddle strokes, or boat materials can be daunting to a beginner. This series is designed to give … Continue reading »

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Surf, Sand, and a Spanish Guitarist

“But I feel it in the waves As they crash on over me Just want to float out here forever With a six-string in my hand And my feet buried in the sand I couldn’t say a dream could get much better” –Barefoot Truth I had it all on my spring break trip to Puerto … Continue reading »

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Washburn Rover Acoustic Guitar Review

If you are a kayaker and a guitarist then chances are very good that you have tried to find a way to get your guitar out on the water with you. I sure have and the thought of stuffing my full-sized acoustic guitar into the rear hatch of my kayak has bothered me for a … Continue reading »

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Guitar Week at Kayak Dave’s

Get psyched for the first rendition of Guitar Week at Kayak Dave’s! There are a lot of activities that I really enjoy in this world but none more than kayaking and playing guitar. Here we aim to explore these mutually exclusive hobbies via a series of posts that will rock your paddling world! Check back … Continue reading »

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Plastic vs. Composite Kayaks

In our second installment of “instructor debates” we aim to explore which kayak material is better: plastic or composite. Kayak Dave and Alex weigh in: Kayak Dave’s Take: I’ve had the privilege to own and otherwise paddle many great kayaks over the years. Some were roto-molded plastic and others were composite lay-ups. I’ve come to … Continue reading »

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Choosing a Kayak Series: Material Selection

After selecting the proper class of kayak the next most important choice to make is what material the kayak is made of. Material selection is very important because it has a direct impact on both the weight of the kayak and its performance. There’s a myriad of material choices out there but we’re going to … Continue reading »

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Lost in the Fog!

Anyone who has been lost in the fog knows how disorienting, eerie, and spectacular an experience it can be. For those who have yet to paddle with the mist, here the stage: The fog bank is hanging on the horizon with fog horns sounding in the distance. Then, all of a sudden, it starts to … Continue reading »

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