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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Common Sea Kayaking Ailments: Cuts and Abrasions

As an instructor, I have found that cuts (mostly to the feet) have been overwhelmingly the most common injury that I have had to deal with while on the water. This is probably due to the environment in which I lead most of my trips which is in shallow bays and tidal estuaries of Southern … Continue reading »

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North Shore Atlantic RM Review

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of trying out a staple of North Shore’s long awaited roto-molded line: the Atlantic RM. For decades, North Shore has been at the pinnacle of composite British sea kayaks producing boats such as the Calypso and more recently the Atlantic. For anyone who has had a chance to paddle … Continue reading »

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Trip Report: Great Bay, Portsmouth, NH

About this time last year my friend Rick and I decided to start the MIT Outing Club’s sea kayaking season early by leading a trip to Great Bay near Portsmouth, NH. The reasons for this trip were three-fold. First, we longed for a relaxing afternoon by the sea after a long, cold winter of hanging … Continue reading »

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Common Sea Kayaking Injuries: Muscles and Joints

Injuries involving muscles and joints represent, by far, the most frequently reported injuries by sea kayakers. As a full body exercise, it should not be a surprise that the paddling motion offers plenty of opportunity for pulls, strains, cramps, and overuse injuries. One can assume that the most susceptible areas include the arms, shoulders, neck, … Continue reading »

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So you want to waterproof your iPhone?

There are plenty of waterproof cell phones available on the market today which offer extra protection against that accidental over-board “ah-oh.” Brands such as Samsung and Casio are notable for their waterproof cell phone designs, and have been offering several different models over the past five years or so. But what about those individuals who … Continue reading »

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Common Sea Kayaking Injuries: Awareness

Recently, I stumbled across an interesting article on common paddling injuries published in the Journal of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. This original research was published by Colin Powell of the Cardiff School of Health Sciences at the University of Wales under the title “Injuries and Medical Conditions Among Kayakers Paddling in the Sea Environment.” In … Continue reading »

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Common Sea Kayaking Injuries – An Instructional Series

With the 2012 sea kayaking season just around the corner we’re all getting pretty psyched to hit some warmer water! That makes this a great time to dust off the paddling cobwebs and there’s no better place to start than with some safety review. In this series of posts I aim to comment on the … Continue reading »

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Trip Report: Marblehead, MA

Playing hookie is an inexcusable offense unless you’re taking advantage of a splendid summer afternoon to get on the water and explore someplace new. This was precisely the situation that presented itself this past summer when my girlfriend and I snuck out of Boston at lunchtime and headed North toward Marblehead with our kayaks strapped … Continue reading »

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The Quintessential Alpine Lunch

Whenever I travel to a distant land I make sure to experience it to the fullest. Everything is open for exploring. This is especially true for the local cuisine. I’ve been known domestically to be a picky eater but I never shy away from trying things abroad. In Puerto Rico I tried shark kabobs, in … Continue reading »

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Happy Valentines Day from Kayak Dave’s

Wishing everyone a happy Valentines Day! Do something nice for your Valentine and show some love to your kayak too! Browse our gear reviews for some gift inspiration and visit our virtual instruction tab for off-season kayak care tips. The 2012 kayak season is on the horizon!

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