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Disco Days

Posted by on February 12, 2012

The second reason why I love the RTM Disco kayak is because of all of the fond memories of afternoon paddling sessions with my friends at Billington Sea Kayak.  The lake that we use for our kayak demos can get pretty bumpy when the wind blows out of the southwest. The shallow water and quarter-mile fetch allows for waves to build to 1-2 feet. These conditions are perfect for the Disco and we now affectionately refer to summer days with a nice SW breeze as “Disco Days” down at the docks!

There are two types of Disc Days: surfing days and swimming days and both are a ton of fun. On those days when the wind builds throughout the afternoon we’ll be fixated on the post-work surfing session. When the last of the customers leave we’ll hustle to get the waterfront cleaned up for the night by putting the PFDs and paddles away and trailering all of the boats that have been demoed; all except for the Disco. We carry the Disco down to the docks and line up to take turns playing in the surf. The best way to do it is to paddle straight out into the wind for a couple hundred yards then throw a sick lean turn and get up onto a wave. You can ride the wave all the way back to (and sometimes onto) the docks.  All the while the water sprays up from the bow creating a mist that is oh-so-cool. I couldn’t think of a better way to relax after a long, hot day down at the docks!

Swimming days occur when we’re not that psyched about surfing. On these days all three of us will pile onto the Disco and make our way over to the swimming hole in the eastern cove. Here the waters are typically calm, warm, and deep enough to keep the weeds off of our feet. Swimming days are all about horsing around. You could imagine with three people on a boat build for one that things could get pretty interesting. The freeboard is typically maxed out and we often find ourselves “swimming” long before we reach the hole. The fact that the Disco is a sit-on-top makes it a spectacular platform for performing dives and flips and playing “king of the kayak” too!

Disco Days will always be remembered as great times with great friends!

-Kayak Dave

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