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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Lady and the Kayak Tramp

The third (and biggest) reason why I love the RTM Disco kayak is because it played a huge role in bringing my girlfriend Meaghan and I together. I’m sure that she’d recount the exact details of the introduction quite differently but I’m also sure that she’d agree that it was a magical beginning to our … Continue reading »

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Disco Days

The second reason why I love the RTM Disco kayak is because of all of the fond memories of afternoon paddling sessions with my friends at Billington Sea Kayak.  The lake that we use for our kayak demos can get pretty bumpy when the wind blows out of the southwest. The shallow water and quarter-mile … Continue reading »

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RTM Disco Review

The first reason why I love the RTM Disco is because it’s a fantastic sit-on-top kayak. When most paddlers hear the words “sit-on-top” they think of Ocean Kayak brand boats like the Frenzy or Malibou. These kayaks carry a wide beam and lots of buoyancy which really limits their utility as a kayak in the … Continue reading »

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Water Romance Week at Kayak Dave’s

Valenties Day is fast approaching and a love is in the air! Over the next week I aim to provide a window to my lovey-dovey side through a set of posts that may inspire chivalrous paddlers looking to step-up their on-the-water romance. Check back throughout the week for some romantic kayaking stories and a review … Continue reading »

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Why Swim Training is Important

If you’re a little late in getting to that “new year, gotta get fit” resolution and need some inspiration then this post is for you. There’s no need to call in the ice breaker, dawn the snowsuit, or break out the “Yak Trax” in order to get in shape for the upcoming kayaking season. My … Continue reading »

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