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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Trip Report: Boston Harbor Islands Lighthouse Tour

The Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area has been a mainstay destination for many of my paddling adventures over the years. The Recreation Area encompasses over 30 islands in the greater Boston and Hingham Harbors. Each island offers a unique experience whether it’s exploring historic forts, relaxing at cast-away campgrounds, or attempting to understand the … Continue reading »

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Common Sea Kayaking Ailments: Heat-Related Conditions

Heat related conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke pose a real threat to the average sea kayaker. Many of us will turn to our kayaks as a vehicle to escape to the sea on the hottest of days. Basking in the sun with a sea breeze to your stern can be a great … Continue reading »

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An Impromptu Comparison of Waterproof Kindle Cases

Today I had one of those shopping experiences where you go into the store to buy one thing and leave much happier with something different. I have been looking for a suitable waterproof case for my new Amazon Kindle Touch 3G for some time now and with summer just around the corner (last week it … Continue reading »

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Using MATLAB to Understand Currents

I’m always looking for ways to connect my Engineering background with my many outdoor interests. This may be the geekiest thing that I’ve attempted yet. As a graduate student, I have spent countless hours siting at my computer struggling to accurately model the interaction of photons with tissue using MATLAB. This amazing software package is … Continue reading »

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National Safe Boating Week

I just received this postcard in the mail reminding me of National Safe Boating Week which will be happening on the week of May 19th. In checking out the website ( I found a lot of great info on life jackets and boating safety courses. They even have a map that directs you to safety … Continue reading »

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Boréal Design Files for Bankruptcy

Boréal Design contributed over twenty years of exceptional service and dedication to the kayaking industry. Although they remained strong and diligent to the end, the Quebec-based company sadly closed their doors at the feat of bankruptcy earlier this month. The bankruptcy of Boréal Design was a sudden and unexpected event. Boréal Design did their part in releasing iconic and … Continue reading »

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How to Make a Composite Patch Kit

When paddling your composite sea kayak to distant shores it’s important to bring along a patch kit that you can trust. This is especially true during multi-day trip or in situations where the integrity of the hull need not be in question. The patch kit will provide the option for a permanent fix that will … Continue reading »

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