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Werner Kalliste Paddle Review

Posted by on April 28, 2012

The Kalliste is an ultra-light, low-angle touring paddle that sports Werner’s most ingenious and iconic blade designs. The asymmetric blade is like an angular paintbrush that offers unrivaled balance and flow. In general, this paddle is suited for paddlers with a relaxed style and interested in an ultra-efficient stroke from catch to recovery. The foam core blades help this paddle weight in at a feather-light 23.5oz which makes this paddle a dream on long trips. Like most of Werner’s Performance Core paddles, the Kalliste is highly “customizable” with lengths ranging from 210 to 240cm, large and small diameter shafts, and straight or neutral-bent shafts. Werner’s adjustable ferrule rounds out the ensemble to allow for quick adjustment of feather angle with changing wind direction. What more could you ask for???

Despite the all of the nice features that the Kalliste has to offer I’ve been less-than-impressed with this paddle. In my opinion, this is clearly a case where the most expensive paddle in its class is not necessarily the best performing paddle or worth the money. I expect the best out of a $400 paddle and, to be honest, I’m underwhelmed and more than a little disappointed by the Kalliste. This is mainly due to the fact that I find the “pop” that you get out of the foam core blades to be unnecessary and even bothersome in a low-angle paddle. I’ve come to be much more fond of the feel of the Werner Camano which shares the same blade shape as the Kalliste (minus the foam core, of course) and can be purchased for $50-$125 less (carbon blades, fiberglass blades) without adding appreciable swing weight (+2oz carbon blades, +4oz glass blades.

Is the Kalliste a good paddle? Yes. Is the Kalliste a great paddle in reflection of its high retail price? Absolutely not. Buy it on sale or go with the Werner Camano.

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Final Verdict:

Pros: Ideal blade shape, Light-weight, Smooth transitions

Cons: Dislike foam core blades in low angle paddles. Better performance exists at lower price

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