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Wicked Cool Kayaking Bumpah Stickers

Posted by on July 1, 2012

I was recently talking with a customer out in the kayak shop parking lot when I noticed that her bumper was peppered with the coolest kayaking stickers that I ever did see! Due to the fact that I’m a wicked-super-geek the Kayak Math sticker (pictured below) really caught my eye! I’m not sure exactly how to interpret this symbolic math but there’s no doubt that the “kayaking is cool” message is in there somewhere. Further investigation into where to get me one of these fabulous stickers led me to which contains all things Kayak Math and even more kayak-themed stickers and paraphernalia! Anyway, if you have an interesting interpretation of this sticker or find other interesting, kayak-themed stickers then I’d love to see your comments!

-Kayak Dave

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