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MTI Adventurewear underDOG: Dog PFD Review

Posted by on July 14, 2012

Just like humans, “man’s best friend” needs a little extra protection on the water. Although avid and highly capable swimmers, it doesn’t hurt to give your pet some buoyancy aid especially after a long day on the water. Formally, canine-designed life jackets on the market have been composed of bulky, firm foam pads which strap to the dog’s backside. These traditional designs provide buoyancy on the water, but they lack support and structure for your pooch’s neck and underside.

Massachusetts’ based, MTI Adventurewear, has formulated a design with your dog in mind. MTI understood that, like humans, all dogs are different. Their unique body shapes and varying weight distributions between breeds make a “one size fits all” PFD less than dog-friendly. MTI’s revolutionary product, the underDOG, gives your four-legged buddy the extra support and a carefree fit while enjoying a day on the water.

“With 90% of the flotation in the water under the chest and neck, the underDOG supports the natural swim angle of the dog…two body straps, a neck strap, and a chest strap can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of dogs, including hard-to-fit bull dogs and other barrel-chested breeds” said the MTI product page. We would have to agree. personally tested the underDOG on our shop dog Morton, a medium-sized black lab/vizsla mix. While it required cooperation on behalf of Morton, strapping the underDOG around Morton’s body was rather painless.

After we secured Morton with his spiffy new PFD, it was test time! Morton ran freely around the yard wearing his new jacket. He did not seem to mind, nor did the underDOG inhibit his natural running motions. In the water, Morton did a brief swim around the pond as we watched the underDOG in action. The foam pad under his neck kept his head and mouth above water and provided support without the PFD moving out of place. As he swam around, the bright grab handle stood out of the water. This feature is a great addition in the instance one would have to grab their pooch from outside a canoe or kayak.

The underDOG is available in sizes ranging from XS (2-12lbs) to XL (90-120lbs) and is available in two color combinations. For more information on the underDOG visit MTI Adventurewear’s official website at

Life jackets are not just for dogs… make sure you buy a life jacket for yourself and your family for safe travels on the water!

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