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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Duct Tape Kayak – Build Day 4

The 90+ degree heat and high humidity made for a late start to our most recent build session. Alex, Brett and I met at the barn at 7:00 as the heat began to fade. Our mission: to break out the PVC glue and take the flex out of our floppy frame! As you can imagine, … Continue reading »

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Kayak Dave’s Photo of the Week Announcement

I’m about to do what every blogger has done before me by introducing a “photo of the week” post to our Outdoor Artwork category here at This summer, I’ve endeavored to take my outdoor photography to the next level. This adventure started with the sale of my whitewater kayak (sad, I know) in order … Continue reading »

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Werner Paddle Comparison: Camano vs. Kalliste

First up in our head-to-head comparison of Werner touring paddles will be the Camano versus the Kalliste. Both of these paddles represent the mid-range (with respect to blade area) of Werner’s low-angle touring paddles. The blade area makes these two paddles well suited for stronger, injury-free paddlers and those who are looking to get more … Continue reading »

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P&H Capella RM now part of Venture Kayak Brand

In a re-branding move by the conglomerate that owns P&H Custom Sea Kayaks, Venture Kayaks, Feel Free Sit-on-tops, and Pyranha Whitewater Kayaks the Capella RM moved from the P&H brand over to the Venture Kayaks line-up as of the 2012 paddling season. The move is fairly logical when you consider that P&H specializes in custom … Continue reading »

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Kayak Dave’s Teams with Stand Up 2 Cancer is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Stand Up to Cancer! All of the fundraising proceeds gathered as a part of the Duct Tape Kayak Project will be donated to SU2C. Donations will be accepted on behalf of our team at: Duct Tape Kayak SU2C is a grassroots fundraising organization … Continue reading »

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MTI Adventurewear underDOG: Dog PFD Review

Just like humans, “man’s best friend” needs a little extra protection on the water. Although avid and highly capable swimmers, it doesn’t hurt to give your pet some buoyancy aid especially after a long day on the water. Formally, canine-designed life jackets on the market have been composed of bulky, firm foam pads which strap to the … Continue reading »

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Werner Paddle Comparison Mini Series

It should be evident by now that we’re stoked about Werner Paddles at These paddles really outshine most of the competition from their ingenious design to their supreme craftsmanship to their smooth feel on the water. But with so many great paddles to in the Werner line-up to choose from where do you start? … Continue reading »

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Duct Tape Kayak – Build Day 3

Today’s build focused on the stern section of our PVC frame. This section came together much more smoothly after all of the head scratching and figuring that we had already done for the bow. For the most part, we decided that the bow and stern sections should be fairly symmetric with the exception that the … Continue reading »

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Wilderness System’s Tsunami 125 Review

The Deets: Model: Wilderness System’s Tsunami 125 Material: Poly RM Length: 12′ 6″ Width: 26″ Weight: 51 lbs. Max Capacity: 300 lbs. Class: Light Touring/Transitional MSRP: $999 Alex’s Take: The Tsunami 125 provides a unique, efficient, and clean ride on the water and responds well to forward strokes and reverse strokes. At twelve and a … Continue reading »

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Duct Tape Kayak Sponsored by Billington Sea Kayak

Kayak Dave’s would like to thank Billington Sea Kayak for their generous donation of the material costs that went into building the duct tape kayak. Owner, Doug Gray, has been instrumental to the success of this project by mentoring us in the design stage, providing work space in his barn, and offering to cover the … Continue reading »

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