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Lincoln Kayaks Quoddy Light Review

Posted by on August 28, 2012

The Deets:

Materials available in: Kevlar-Fiberglass Hybrid or Kevlar

Class: Recreational/Transitional touring

Length: 12’ 6”

Width: 25”

Weight: 33lbs. (hybrid) / 28lbs. (Kevlar)

Cockpit Size: 17 x 28.5 inches

Hull Type: Shallow V

Rudder/Skeg: Rudder Optional

MSRP: $2,199 (hybrid) / $2,599 (Kevlar)

The Review:

Recognized as a classic, the Lincoln Kayaks Quoddy Light is a beautifully handcrafted transitional touring kayak built in Freeport Maine. Using their unique Paddle-Lite® construction process, Lincoln combines over fifty years of canoe and kayak construction to bring consumers strong, stable, and lightweight kayaks. The Quoddy Light is no exception to this. Built with Maine-pride and incomparable quality, the Quoddy Light is one of the lightest, most versatile kayaks available today.

The Quoddy Light’s performance is reminiscent of a much longer kayak. It tracks well for a 12’6” craft and does not shy away from agile, clean, and predicable turns. Its overall stability is forgiving and allows for an enjoyable paddling experience for experienced and novice kayakers alike. The Quoddy’s initial stability is rock-solid, predictable, and provides a smooth transition for maximized maneuverability. When brought on edge, the Quoddy is exceptionally responsive to lean turns. Unlike many kayaks in the recreational/transitional category which emphasize primarily on initial stability, the Quoddy’s shallow “V” shaped hull allows for a subtle yet predictable transition to secondary-final stability.

Kayak Dave taking the Quoddy for a spin

Outfitted with both front and rear bulkheads/hatches, the Quoddy is great for day trips on the harbor or protected bay. Cruising around coastal waters, exploring estuaries, or meandering through tight rivers are all places where the Quoddy will excel. The front hatch and bulkhead not only provide extra dry-storage, but adds additional fore-and-aft buoyancy.

Many kayaks in this class are outfitted with large, spacious cockpits. Designed to fit women and smaller framed paddlers, the Quoddy Light has a small, more performance-oriented cockpit. Measuring at only 17” by 28.5,” the cockpit dimensions are smaller than that of many sea kayaks. While the smaller cockpit is very comfortable and is nicely padded for thigh support, the less-spacious size may deter new paddlers who fear an “enclosed” sensation. For medium to larger sized paddlers, check out the Quoddy Light’s 14’6″ brother, the Chebeague.

The Quoddy Light is one of the most comfortable recreational/transitional kayaks I have ever paddled. It is outfitted with a Valley Canoe foam seat and an adjustable neoprene back band. In addition, the Quoddy can be further customized for padders by using minicell foam blocks.

Overall, the Lincoln Kayaks Quoddy Light comes highly recommended for any kayaker looking for a lightweight, stable, maneuverable, and comfortable boat. Available in a variety of color options and two lightweight composite layups, the Quoddy is designed to turn heads on the water while providing an enjoyable paddling experience.

Pros: lightweight construction, predictable primary and final stability, comfortable seat outfitting, maneuverable, tracks well for a shorter craft, Made in USA, smaller cockpit*

Cons: Smaller cockpit*

*This feature proves to be contradictory for a few reasons. While the smaller cockpit provides refined support on the water for lean turns and boat control, it is also a limitation for individuals who do not like tighter feeling kayaks. All aspects considered, this is still a kayak which falls on the recreational end of transitional touring.  Typically, individuals looking to emerge into paddling for the first time prefer a wider, more spacious cockpit. Lincoln’s Chebeague, designed for larger paddlers, has the same cockpit dimensions.

UPDATE (8-23-2013): Lincoln Kayaks is releasing a Quoddy Light LV for the 2014 season.

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3 Responses to Lincoln Kayaks Quoddy Light Review

  1. Janette

    Can you compare the quoddy light to the vision 120 sp? What are some of the key differences? Thanks!

    • arrudad

      Hi Janette:

      The Vision 120sp and Quoddy Lite are substantially equivalent in many ways. They’re both 12-foot long transitional touring kayaks with similar features, specs, and quality of construction. The biggest differences for me were in the cockpit outfitting. The Vision 120sp has a more sea-kayak-like cockpit with pronounced thigh braces and a key-hole shape. The Quoddy Lite has a more recreational-style cockpit without pronounced thigh braces and an ovular shape. I tend to gravitate more toward the Vision 120sp because I prefer that style of cockpit and the boat control that it provides. However, it’s also important to note that the Quoddy Lite tracks slightly better and has better primary stability than the Vision 120sp but this is really splitting hairs…

      The best advice that I can give you is to demo both of these kayaks to see how you like them on the water. This will give you a way better sense for how they are different for you than what I was able to provide with my synopsis :)

      Good Luck and Happy Paddling!

      -Kayak Dave

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