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Russell Crowe “Rescued” by US Coast Guard While Kayaking

Posted by on September 3, 2012

The word on the street is that the actor Russell Crowe was “rescued” by the U.S. Coast Guard after becoming lost while kayaking off of Long Island, New York. As the story goes, Crowe (who has been filming a new movie titled “Noah” in Oyster Bay, Long Island) decided to spend an afternoon paddling with a friend in Long Island Sound this Labor Day weekend. Apparently, their little adventure from Cold Spring Harbor turned into an epic fit for a Gladiator! As darkness fell, the pair reportedly became disoriented and decided to head to shore. A passing Coast Guard patrol boat spotted Crowe at about 10pm and gave him and his friend a lift to nearby Huntington Harbor. This was not considered a rescue according to the Coast Guard. They report that Crowe (a fairly experienced kayaker) was wearing a PFD and simply became a little lost. Crowe tweeted his appreciation to the Coast Guard and tried to set the record straight by denying that he got lost. Crowe blames a stiff headwind on their slow progress which prevented the pair from reaching their desired landing before it got dark. Either way, it’s good to hear that our “Master and Commander” is safe and sound!

-Kayak Dave

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