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Welcome Aboard, Darren!

Posted by on September 15, 2012 is excited to announce the addition of Darren Jaeckel (pen name: “Toes”) to our team of instructors. Darren served on the instruction staff at Coastal Kayak Educators for four seasons during which time we became great friends! I still remember the day when he got his nickname “toes” for being a sort-of fashion trailblazer. He showed up to the docks wearing Vibram Five Finger shoes which seemed pretty strange to the rest of the instructors at the time and earned him the nickname. As it would turn out, Darren was well ahead of the Five Finger craze which would hit the outdoor world about 2 years later!

Darren looks out across Arches NP during our 2010 Cross-country Road Trip

Darren now lives and works in Juneau, Alaska. He’s been doing a fair bit of paddling (when the weather allows) and I look forward to his upcoming posts and pictures from the Last Frontier! His instruction experience, general outdoor knowledge, and computer science wizardry will help take to new heights!

Welcome Aboard, Darren!

-Kayak Dave

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