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Old Town Introduces New “Heron Jr” Kids Kayak

Posted by on September 20, 2012

The Old Town Canoe Company just updated their website with their complete 2013 product line. Among the changes is an expansion of the recreational Heron lineup which now includes a kayak with the kids in mind: the Heron JR.

Image property of Old Town Canoe Company

The Deets:

Material: Single Layer Polyethylene

Class: Kids Recreational

Length: 7’5”

Width: 25”

Weight: 29 lbs

Cockpit Size: 35 x 16.25 inches

Capacity: 100-115 lbs

MSRP: $299

Kayak Dave’s Synopsis:

The Heron Jr got a lot of attention at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer show for good reason. This miniature version of the Old Town Heron was designed from bow to stern with the youngest kayakers in mind! The biggest issue that kids typically have with adult-sized kayaks is that there’s just too much boat to handle. Often times the child will be “swimming” inside an overly-voluminous cockpit. This leads to an inefficient stroke that will tire the child out and have them begging to be towed back to shore!

It seems as though the Heron Jr has been sized for the younger paddler with these issues in mind. It’s short length (7’5”), reasonable width (25”), and light weight (29lbs) should prove manageable. One feature that really jumped out is the “Tag Along” tow system which will come in handy to rescue tired arms! This system consists of a towline that stowes neatly into a dedicated compartment on the front deck. Otherwise the Heron Jr is pretty bare bones ( a good thing for a kids kayak) with a simple, padded seat and a pair of carry handles.The thing that should really get parents smiling is the ultra-low $300 MSRP especially considering that the Heron Jr will be outgrown sooner or later!

Now we know what to get the kids for their Birthday!

-Kayak Dave

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