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RTM Ocean Duo Review

Posted by on September 20, 2012

The Deets

Length: 12′ 2″

Width: 34″

Depth: 13″

Weight: 64lbs

Max. Capacity: 485lbs

Image Property of RTM Kayaks

The Review

A remarkable multi-person sit on top, the Ocean Duo by RTM Kayaks is designed to accommodate 1, 2, or 3 persons with an incredible maximum capacity of 485lbs! Strikingly similar in design to the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two, the Ocean Duo is built to withstand the demands of summer fun on the water.

At 34 inches wide, it is merely a “floating raft” – with maximized stability and surprisingly agile maneuverability, the Ocean Duo is a great kayak for the entire family. In fact, a couple seasons back a family of five came into the shop looking for a large sit on top kayak that would accommodate the entire family. I was concerned with how I would find a kayak to fit their needs until I thought about the RTM Ocean Duo. The family consisted of a mother and father of about average height and weight proportions and three small children (ranging from 3-8 years old). Upon their demo trial, the entire family of five was able to sit comfortably on the Ocean Duo – and it had plenty of freeboard to spare! Not only were the parents able to paddle the Ocean Duo with ease, but all three buckaroos had a great time too.

The Ocean Duo is designed with a “stackable hull” which is purposed to stack multiple kayaks on top of one another for easy storage. One might see this type of design feature to serve more for storage than for on-water performance – amazingly, the Ocean Duo performs very well on the water (even in rougher, surf-like conditions). Looking for a surfing tandem? Look no further than the Ocean Duo. With its sit on top backrest and thigh brace option, the Ocean Duo provides both a stable and maneuverable platform for some afternoon surfing.

Image Property of RTM Kayaks

Overall, the RTM Ocean Duo is a great multi-person sit on top which provides a stable design for surfing, scuba diving, kayaking with a dog, coastal touring, or playing around on the water. Unlike its competitors, the Ocean Duo is outfitted with dry storage in the center of the boat which offers a great spot to keep your belongings during a trip.

Pros:  Ultra stable, affordable price point, accommodates entire family, large weight capacity, stackable hull

Cons: Heavy carrying weight


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