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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Photo of the Week: Pumpkin by the Pond

I spent a lovely afternoon with the photography club a few weeks back on a photo shoot that had us looking for “Fall in New England.” The shoot started at Morton Park in Plymouth and we wound our way down Town Brook to the Jenny Grist Mill. I decided to bring this 10lb pumpkin along … Continue reading »

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In Remembrance of the HMS Bounty

I was shocked to hear that the HMS Bounty was lost at sea during Hurricane Sandy especially considering that it was only a few weeks ago when I watched it sail into Plymouth Harbor. Reports indicate that she went down in high winds and heavy seas approximately 90 miles south-east of Cape Hatteras, NC. The … Continue reading »

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Paddling the Alaskan Panhandle

A guide to staying safe and having fun in a kayaking paradise. Introduction Alaska, “The Last Frontier”, is a paddling paradise.  At approximately 1/5th the size of the entire continental US, it is by far the largest State (not everything is bigger in Texas folks) and contains a coastline of nearly 47,000 miles (Source).  This … Continue reading »

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Kayak Dave’s Opinion of the Proposed Changes to MA Boating Safety Laws

My recent post entitled “Understanding the MA Boating Safety Laws That Apply to Kayakers” sparked a lot of discussion and debate in the ranks of the kayaking instructors. In reviewing my original post I came to the conclusion that I tried to do too much by attempting to include my reaction to some of … Continue reading »

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Do Drip Rings Really Work?

The Problem One of the first things I have always done upon purchasing a new paddle is to remove the rubber drip rings from both ends of the paddle shaft. From my experiences on the water (and my tendency to use a high-angle stroke) I have found that drip rings tend to cause more harm … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week: Your Grand Champion

This photo of the week features my sister Catherine riding her horse Kalle in their final heat of Barrel Racing for the 2012 season. Together they earned the season title of Grand Champion for Division D in the Massachusetts Rough Riders circuit! She also passed her Massachusetts Riding Instructor Exam last week. Great job, Catherine! … Continue reading »

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Why You Should Never Use WD-40 on a Kayak

Myth “BUSTED” The internet is a great resource when searching for information on canoeing, kayaking, and other various watersports. It is on the internet where you can seek the advice of kayaking experts from all over the globe in a matter of a couple clicks. While the internet can be the most effective resource when … Continue reading »

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Most Epic Sea Kayaking Adventures of All Time

I’ve recently found myself immersed in a pile of kayaking adventure stories that have been burning a hole in my bookshelf for quite some time. The titles include “Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent” by Joe Glickman which chronicles Freya Hoffmeister’s 2009 circumnavigation of Australia and “Crossing the Ditch” by James Castrission which takes … Continue reading »

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Harmony High Volume Kayak Pump Review

The Deets: Total Length: 18in Outside Diameter: 2.5in Weight: 11.0 oz Performance: 9 strokes/ gallon (tested) Materials: Plastic body, plastic shaft MSRP: $26.95 The Review: The Harmony High Volume Sea Kayak pump, at 18inches long, is more compact than most other kayak pumps on the market. This compact design makes it highly stowable even in … Continue reading »

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Kayak Dave’s is now on Facebook

Check out the Fan Page on Facebook for updates on our latest posts including kayak reviews, gear reviews, trip reports and virtual instruction. Be one of the first 100 people to “Like” us and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win a T-shirt!

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