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Photo of the Week: Spray Paint Panda

Posted by on October 3, 2012

The Quincy Quarries Recreation Area represents one of the primer outdoor rock climbing venues in Greater Boston. The area contains more than a dozen granite walls (some up to 80ft high!) that represent the remains of the quarry that existed on the site from 1825 to 1963. These walls are covered in unique features including: old drill holes, implanted metal rings, and even a “diving board.” However, the most unique aspect of the Quincy Quarries experience may be the abundance of graffiti art scrawled throughout the park. Granted, the paint makes things slippery when starting on a climb but if you take the time to look around when further up the wall the view is really something to behold!

There’s no doubt that there’s a spectrum of graffiti “quality” and whether or not it should be considered a work of art depends on the perspective of the beholder. The Quarry certainly has it’s share of ignorant scrawlings but every once in a while there’s a piece that really catches the eye. My favorite piece is definitely the “Spray Paint Panda” for the artistic quality, ironic message, and “did I do that?”-look on the bear’s face! Go Panda!

-Kayak Dave

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