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Seattle Sports Super Deluxe Bilge Pump Review

Posted by on October 15, 2012

For the most part, a kayak bilge pump is a simple sort of thing: just pull on the handle and water comes out! We bring it along for that “just in case” scenario: an untimely, missed roll that lands us in the drink and the drink is in our cockpit. It’s times like these when we expect our trusty pump to get the job done. Most pumps are content to spend the rest of their time garnering little or no attention as they wait to be called on. This is not the case for the Seattle Sports Super Deluxe bilge pump. It has the performance and flashy looks to catch your eye and steal the show!

The Deets:

    • Total Length: 21.5in
    • Outside Diameter: 1.75in
    • Weight: 13.2 oz
    • Performance: 9 strokes/ gallon (tested)
    • Materials: Plastic body, aluminum shaft
    • MSRP: $29.95


The Review 

The Seattle Sports Super Deluxe bilge pump, with its neon float and see-through body, is definitely one of the coolest-looking kayak pumps on the market! After trying it out I’m happy to report that it performs quite well too! This pump has a super smooth pumping action and I really like the feel and grip provided by the over-molded rubber handle. The pump sports an over-sized aluminum shaft that seems sturdy enough to take the abuse associated with fervent bailing and an impromptu water fight. Furthermore, the clear pump body is unique to this model and allows you to watch the internals of the pump in action. This will be a great show and tell piece for my kayaking classes next season!

See-through body allows you to view the pump in action!

My biggest issue with this pump is that it doesn’t clear out sand and other debris that gets sucked up into the pump body very well. The aluminum shaft has some sort of lubricant that helps to make the action smooth but it also attracts sand that gets into the pump. Some of this grit gets caught up in the pump shaft seal which leads to visible scratching of the pump shaft. I’d imagine the grit would affect the integrity of the shaft seal over time. As for the overall durability I feel obligated to withhold comment until I’ve used this pump for a while longer. Seattle Sports warranties the materials and workmanship of their products for a period of 1 year.

Scratches on shaft from sand

Overall, the Seattle Sports Super Deluxe bilge pump is an excellent pump with butter-smooth action and looks to steal the show. Just try not to suck up too much sand!

Happy Bilge Pumping!

-Kayak Dave

Pros: Super smooth action. Sturdy, aluminum shaft. Comfortable grip. See-through body

Cons: This pump does not like sand at all.



Note: Seattle Sports also offers an economy ($19.95) version of this pump called the Paddlers Bilge Pump. It’s substantially equivalent in many ways aside from its color (neon yellow) and the substitution of a plastic pump shaft. This may be a case where less is more. I’d imagine that the plastic shaft would probably not collect sand like the lubed up aluminum shaft does on the Super Deluxe Pump. If that’s the case then the Paddlers Bilge Pump could be the best buy out there!



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