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ICE Trekkers Diamond Grip Product Review

Posted by on November 8, 2012


From ICE Trekkers: “Diamond Grips are the ultimate winter traction footwear. The patented Diamond Bead design provides excellent traction in snow, ice and mud conditions, yet are comfortable for extended wear.”


The first time I had the opportunity to slip on a pair of ICE Trekkers was during a wintery walk down the street after an ice ladened snow storm. The ground conditions varied from black ice, melted snow slush, packed snow – through slick, uneven frozen snow covered asphalt. The half mile walk consisted of unpredictable surface transitions which only the ICE Trekkers could be prepared for.

 The ICE Trekkers were comfortable to wear over the long walk and didn’t create any challenges even on uncovered asphalt surfaces. In the past, I have found that similar products, while they work well on ice and snow, make it difficult when walking on uncovered transitions such as asphalt. The ICE Trekkers move from glare ice to deep snow without hesitation and make every step more confident than the last.

ICE Trekkers make a great companion with any winter boot, but fit snuggly over just about any outdoor footwear. Whether you’re matching ICE Trekkers with running shoes, work boots, or winter snow shoes… they fit snugly and securely to the sole without slipping. At first, they are a little stiff and need to be worked onto the shoe, but break into the size and shape of your foot very quickly.

I have owned my ICE Trekkers for over a year and I am very excited to break them out for round two. Whether you are looking go on a light-hike or just looking for a solid grip down the street, the ICE Trekkers  Diamond Grip are up for the challenge.

The only problem I encountered after using my ICE Trekkers is that the patented “diamond beads” oxidized after about two weeks of wearing them outside. Although the oxidation does not affect the performance of the product, I was surprised to see that the manufacturer didn’t use a galvanized steel to inhibit rust.   


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