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Oru Kayak: a revolutionary origami folding kayak

Posted by on November 26, 2012

The Deets

Length: 12’

Width: 25”

Weight: 25lbs

Capacity: 260lbs


The first look

One of the most revolutionary projects to hit the internet this month was a concept developed with kayakers, travelers, and innovators alike. Made in California, the Oru Kayak, is a folding recreational kayak engineered from a single sheet of double-layered plastic. The tough and durable design is currently being produced in limited quantities with the help of the online funding platform Kickstarter until the company generates enough capital to initiate full production and distribution in spring 2013.



The reviewers of the first production run say that the Oru is fast, carves nicely, feels comfortable, and is very maneuverable. With the ability to quickly fold and be stored in the trunk of your sedan, the Oru unfolds in under five minutes and is ready for your on-water adventure.

The makers note that the Oru is best suited for bays, lakes, and slow rivers while paddlers should avoid paddling in more compromising conditions such as whitewater or rock gardens. Designed with hard chines, the Oru is constructed with the recreational paddler in mind – paying extra attention to both stability and tracking. Like most recreational kayaks, the Oru should not be taken into conditions which exceed the kayakers skill set, experience, safety knowledge, or boating sense.


Where can I get one?

As noted earlier, the Oru is expected to become available as of Spring next year. If you are eager to get your hands on your own, consumers can pre-order an Oru Kayak on Kickstarter now with a $750 pledge.



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