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Photo of the Week: Drain the Pond

Posted by on November 28, 2012

The Billington Sea Kayak staff takes great pride in making your kayak rental a full-service experience. We take your kayak down to the dock, fit you with a PFD, and give you a quick tour of the lake before waving Bon Voyage! Pretty standard so far, right?? Well, imagine all of this wrapped up in a comedy show. If you have a sense of humor (and we’re great a sniffing this out in people) then chances are that you’re in for at least a small dose of our renowned whit and sarcasm!

One of my favorite jokes is when people ask our boss how they’ll know when it’s time to return to the dock? His typical reply is something along the lines of “Don’t worry about it, we’ll drain the lake at the end of the day and come collect the kayaks!” I always thought that he was joking…until I found the drain…

Happy Paddling (or sitting by the fire)!

-Kayak Dave

One Response to Photo of the Week: Drain the Pond

  1. B.Alvik

    Billington is one of the few remaining specialty kayak shops that has not disappeared with the advent of large corporations gobbling up small sea kayak manufacturers. The fact that all of the staff are avid sea kayakers who have been instructors as some point in time; lends itself to a culture of support and comic relief.that fosters relaxation and learning for those adventurous souls who find the shop in the woods of Plymouth

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