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Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for your Kayaker Friends

Posted by on December 21, 2012

If you’re like me and always seem to find yourself pushing the envelope each year with the Christmas shopping then this is the post for you. Here, I’ve assembled a list of small, inexpensive (<$25) items that will make great stocking stuffers (or full-blown, budget-minded gifts) for your kayaker friends. All of these products are tested and approved!


Smiley’s Nose Plugs:


The only thing that isn’t fun about winter pool sessions and rolling clinics is getting all of that chlorinated water up your nose. Smiley’s nose plugs help to make sure that you’ll keep smiling underwater! These high quality and affordable nose plugs adjust to accommodate sniffers of all sizes.  I’ve found that the soft rubber and foam pads are more comfortable on your skin than the cheaper, all-plastic nose plugs. They also come with a tether for your PFD or helmet so that you don’t lose it in the pool or river. MSRP: $7.95-9.99


Petzl Tikiana 2 Headlamp:

tikkina 2 headlamp

A trusty headlamp makes the perfect addition to any kayaker’s bag of tricks. They can really come in handy on evening and moonlight paddles when your adventurous spirit keeps you out past dark. The simple Petzl Tikiana 2 is an excellent choice with its long battery life, dual brightness modes, and selection of cool colors to choose from. You also can’t beat the price for a headlamp of this quality! MSRP: $19.95. Colors: Electric blue, lime, orange, and French rose. Three AAA batteries sold separately.


LL Bean Neoprene Gloves:

llbean neoprene gloves

LL Bean’s Neoprene Gloves have been my go-to winter paddling hand-wear for many years. The 3mm neoprene construction keeps out the cold wind and water. Extra grippy palms and fingers keep your hands from sliding off of the paddle shaft. These gloves typically last me about a season or two at my high rate of use in the salt-water environment. I always carry an extra pair as a spare! MSRP: $19.95 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


UCO Stormproof Matches Kit:


Fire offers kayakers warmth, illumination, and camaraderie but getting that fire started can prove to be quite tricky in the wet and windy costal environment. Let’s just say that there’s no need to whittle out a bow drill or start scraping away at the flint when there’s a UCO Stormproof Match Kit around! If you can’t get a fire started with these things then you’re waaayyy too far “up the creek” to begin with. Need proof?? Watch this amazing video of UCO matches at work! MSRP: $5.95-$7.95


Grand Trunk Ultralite Travel Hammock:

grand trunk ultralight travel hammock

Picture this:  Sparking, white sand beaches. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. Seven shades of blue lapping up against the shore. An artist’s pallet spread across the sky as the Sun begins to dip below the horizon…Paradise, right?? Well dreams don’t just happen in the Caribbean; they happen in hammocks everywhere! The Grand Trunk Ultralite Travel Hammock is small enough to stash in the day hatch but big enough to satisfy your reading, napping, and anything-else-you-might-be-doing-in-a-hammock needs! MSRP: $19.99. Weight: 12oz. Capacity: 250lbs. Be warned: Hanging hardware not included.


Seattle Sports Dry Bags:


If there’s one piece of gear that a kayak camper can’t have enough of it’s dry bags! Kayaking is a wet sport and dry bags offer the best chance that your gear will stay dry within your hatches regardless of how “water tight” they may claim to be. Seattle Sports makes the best dry bags, in my humble opinion. I’ve been using my set for years and they’ve held up very well despite all of the salt, sand, and other misgivings. The see-though Glacier Clear Dry Bags are especially nice as you can quickly spot the gear that you’re looking for without any rummaging. MSRP: $15.95-$21.95 Sizes under $25: XS, S, M. Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Gray.



Enjoy the last-minute shopping adventures!

-Kayak Dave

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