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NRS Boater’s Paddling Gloves Review

Posted by on December 22, 2012


“The NRS Boater’s Gloves are ideal for any type of boating. Lightweight backs, tough palms and three-quarter fingers. Great protection from sun and blisters and excellent finger dexterity.” –NRS, company website

NRS Boaters Gloves Kayaking

 Material: Spandex back

Palm Material: Amara® Synthetic leather

Seams: Single needle with high tenacity thread

Design: Three-quarter finger, wristband with hook-and-loop Velcro closure

MSRP: $24.95



The NRS Boater’s glove is available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes and are designed for a variety of on-water purposes from sailing to kayaking. Made from a synthetic Amara® and Spandex front/back combo, the NRS Boater’s gloves are intended to dry quickly and remain lightweight even while wet.

I found these gloves to fit comfortable both on and off the water, although they tend to feel a little stiff after they get wet. The hook-and-loop fashion fits snugly around the wrist and remained secure throughout my entire paddle. While the Velcro strap was strong and fastened well, historically I try to avoid purchasing paddling equipment with Velcro as it is more prone to clogging up with sand and mud.

The paddling on the palms is sufficient and provides a great grip while not inhibiting the overall feel of the paddle shaft. I do not necessarily agree with NRS’s go-ahead with making the palm material white as these lighter colored fabrics tend to visibly collect dirt and grime.


 Since these gloves have a built-in sunscreen material with a combined UPF of 50, they provide paddlers with much needed sun protection on their hands – an area where sunscreen is most likely to wash off first while kayaking. Make sure you double-up on sunscreen for your wrists as you may be leaving the water with an awkward glove tan line.

The three-quarter finger design is great for summer paddling as they keep you in-touch with the environment while keeping your hands protected. Having exposed figures is great for taking photographs, making a VHF radio call, or tying a knot on the water. I have always been a fan of three-quarter finger paddling gloves since they tend to dry quicker and can store quickly in a PFD pocket. As for a suggestion with NRS’s design, I wish they had opted to hem the finger ends as the loose fabric curls around the finger during use.

photo (17)

 Overall, NRS has developed and release another great paddling product. The NRS Boater’s gloves are great for anyone looking for a nice summertime paddling glove. Since these gloves are constructed of lightweight materials and are fingerless, I would suggest using these in warm weather conditions ONLY, as they provide minimal protection from cold water exposure.


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