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EMS WindPro TouchScreen Gloves Review

Posted by on December 31, 2012


If you’re looking for a pair of fleece gloves to layer inside of your cold-water mitts then the EMS Wind Pro Touchscreen Gloves are for you! -Kayak Dave


The Deets:

Material: Polartec Wind Pro polyester fabric with stretch spandex

Design: Full-length, five-finger

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large. Be warned: Men’s and Women’s versions have slightly different cut

MSRP: $35.00



The EMS Wind Pro Touchscreen Gloves offer an extra layer of protection for your digits on those cold and windy days. These gloves feature a full-length, five-finger design for maximum dexterity and protection. They’re made of Polartec Wind Pro polyester fabric with 10% spandex for a warm, form-fitting feel. A lightweight fleece lining helps to wick moisture away and allows the gloves to dry quickly. The gloves are thin enough to be layered inside of neoprene mitts while on the water on really cold days yet are warm enough to wear stand-alone on the beach! Add in the fact that EMS has their brand items on sale just about every other week and you’re sure to get a deal beyond the bargain $35.00 MSRP!


There’s a lot to like about these gloves. For starters, they’re really warm! I’ve found them to be more than enough on their own for most of my below tree-line, winter hiking. The best part is that they’re thin enough to retain a lot of dexterity for tying knots and manipulating gear. They also have textured palms and fingers which provides much better grip than straight-up fleece gloves. I like that these gloves are more substantial than fleece glove liners and that their low-profile makes them a great layer inside of summit mitts or neoprene paddling mitts. They’re not waterproof by any means; however, they do a great job of wicking away moisture from sweaty hands and they dry quickly. I’ve made the habit of carrying multiple pairs so that I can change into dry gloves if need be.


My only real gripe with the older version of these gloves was how quickly they wear out. I was hiking or climbing in the mountains every weekend but I’d still shred the fingertips off of 1-2 pair per winter. This is no longer the case, however, thanks to the “touchscreen compatibility” upgrade. I’ve found that the little tabs that they sewed into the index finger and thumb for the touchscreen also act to reinforce the exact locations that are prone to wearing out! Granted, being able to use my smartphone while in the out-of-doors means nothing to me but the added durability is a HUGE plus! For those who are interested, the touchscreen-compatibility works nearly flawlessly which is much better than I can say for most other touchscreen-compatible gloves that I’ve tried recently.

Overall, I really like the EMS Wind Pro TouchScreen Gloves. They’re warm, form-fitting, and make for a great layer under summit mitts or neoprene paddling mitts. These gloves work well with touch screens but, more importantly, the pads reinforce the areas that were prone to wearing out in older versions of these gloves.

-Kayak Dave

Pros: Warm, low-profile, good grip, touchscreen compatible, affordable

Cons: Older versions prone to wearing out fairly quickly with moderate use.

Fit: True to size

Kayak Dave Rating:

4 and a half paddles

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