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PETZL Tactikka Plus Headlamp Review

Posted by on January 12, 2013

The Deets

Style: Universal

Lighting Modes: 4-lighting modes (maximum, optimum, economic and strobe)

Color Options: White flood beam with red flip filter

Weight: 2.75 oz. including batteries

Max. battery life: 150 hours

Max. light quality: 35 lumens

Watertightness: Water resistant


Petzl headlamp review

Petzl Tactikka Plus


“The TACTIKKA PLUS is designed for users who practice activities such as hunting, fishing or exploring nature on a regular basis. For this purpose, it has three lighting modes and a strobe mode for signaling the user’s location.” –From Petzl website 



Having both hands free and accessible during any outdoor activity is one of the most essential factors in outdoor safety. Attempting to hike down a steep, rocky down trail during dusk or attempting to set-up a tent during a last minute late night camp out can become a frustrating or dangerous task when one hand is occupied with a traditional flashlight. Petzl, one of the industry leaders in outdoor lighting headwear, has developed a lightweight, compact headlamp intended to provide a light upon your feet without the bulk or weight of previous headlamps.

One of my favorite features of the Petzl Tactikka Plus is the user’s ability to quickly flip the red filter over the light. Using a red light beam at night has two primary functions: red light is less aggressive on the eye’s natural ability to adjust to darkness, thus, red light helps to preserve the naked eye’s natural night vision. In addition, red light defuses much faster than white light which makes tasks like reading a map at night much more forgiving on the eyes.

Petzl tactikka plus

In addition to the red flip filter feature, the Tactikka Plus has four traditional lighting options; Maximum, Optimum, Economic (which can extend battery life over 150 hours), and strobe. In most situations, the stroke feature will be less likely utilized over the course of the headlamp’s life but can become an essential beaconing tool during a rescue situation.

Its combined lightweight design and ergonomic headband makes the Petzl Tactikka Plus feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. I have worn headlamps in the past which feel as though I have taped a rock to my forehead. Simply not the case with the Tactikka Plus – it is lightweight, compact, and easily taken on-and-off without ripping your hair out.

Petzl Tactikka Plus

Overall, the Petzl Tactikka Plus is a great compact headlamp which is now 80% brighter than the traditional Tactikka model. If you are looking for a compact universal headlight with extended battery life, look no further than the Tactikka Plus.

Note: The Tacktikka Plus requires 3-AAA style batteries – Petzl recommends not using lithium batteries as they can overheat the unit and cause damage to the LED bulbs.


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