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Sleds by Lincoln Canoe & Kayak

Posted by on February 25, 2013

It’s about that time of the winter that many kayakers begin to develop a serious case of cabin fever! If cold water kayaking isn’t your cup of tea then consider taking one of these new-to-2013, handcrafted sleds by Lincoln Canoe and Kayak for a slide!

Lincoln Sleds

Also, here’s a link to my “Alternative Winter Activities for Kayakers” article on if you’re looking for more inspiration to get outside…

Happy Winter!!

-Kayak Dave

2 Responses to Sleds by Lincoln Canoe & Kayak

  1. Marc Bourgoin

    Thanks for the plug Dave. Appreciate it! We’ve been having a great winter but looking forward to the warmer months.


    • arrudad

      Any time, Marc! We really appreciate the high quality of Lincoln Canoe and Kayak products here at Some of us had the chance to demo and review the Quoddy Light last summer and found that it was near the top of its class! Here is a link to that review for your use and reference:

      We’re looking forward to trying out more of Lincoln’s kayaks and especially these new sleds in the future!!

      -Kayak Dave

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