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Best way to dry your boots

Posted by on March 13, 2013

Even the most waterproof boots available in stores today will become saturated with moisture after an extended time in the elements. Whether hiking 25 miles in the humid rain forest or trekking through winter time snow conditions, it is likely, either though excessive exposure or complete submersion, that your boots will end up wet.

Without an electric boot dryer available or the time necessary to wait for the sun’s glory to do its duty, what is the most effective way to quickly dry your boots?

Answer: Newspaper

Believe it or not, stuffing your damp-to-wet boots with crumpled up newspaper will accelerate the drying process much better than traditional air drying. Anyone who has hiked all day in summertime heat knows how quickly your boot inners can become wet with perspiration alone. In fact, the average person sweats about one cup of foot sweat a day, gross right?

dry boots

Next time you are planning on a hike or outdoor adventure, add a small roll of newspaper to your list of essentials. A quick crumple and stuff into your boots before bed will have you waking with nice dry boots. Even better, you can use your extra or used newspaper as a fire starter.


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