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Biolite Camp Stove Review Update (April 1st, 2013)

Posted by on April 1, 2013

Suffice it to say that I was very impressed with the test model of the Biolite Camp Stove that I tried out last fall. It was a major bummer when I had to pack it back up and return it to Biolite, so much so that buying a new one became a priority; as soon as I could procure the funds….

Enter Springtime and the annual REI dividend “check”. For once I knew exactly what I was going to spend it on: my very own Biolite Camp Stove! Upon opening my new Camp Stove I discovered that they had made a few changes that we exactly in line with my (and other reviewers) comments:

BioLite Camp Stove with adapter to accommodate small pots

BioLite Camp Stove with adapter to accommodate small pots

One of the biggest issues that I had with the test model was that it didn’t allow for the use of smaller diameter cookware like coffee cups because of the way that the pot holder was designed. These smaller implements would basically snuff out the fire. Biolite now includes a work-around in the form of a triangular “pot” adaptor that clips on to the top of the Camp Stove to hold pots from 3.75-4.25inches in diameter which includes my trusty, stainless steel coffee mug!

Image Courtesy of Biolite

Biolite Portable Grill Attachment (Image Courtesy of Biolite)

Biolite also decided to include 12-inch-long USB-USB cable with the Camp Stove. This is not nearly as useful as a USB-mini USB cable would be but it’s a nice addition and it should be good for something. Another thing to check out is their new portable grill (sold separately) which attaches directly to the top of the Camp Stove to provide a safe surface to cook up your favorite foods with wood-fired flavor! When folded, the grill is small enough to fit in the rear hatch of most sea kayaks! Get excited, Island Campers!!!

-Kayak Dave

Note: Biolite recommends that users condition the CampStove power if you haven’t used it in a few months so your fan comes on right away. Simply plug it into your computer USB for 2-4 hours and you should be good to go!

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