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The Gem of Canoecopia 2013: Badger Paddles

Posted by on April 1, 2013

Few paddling events are more exciting than Canoecopia, one of the world’s largest annual paddling expos, which just wrapped up a few weeks back in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is so large (three days, 200+ exhibitors, 20,000+ attendees) that it can be a bit overwhelming and take some time for the blogosphere to digest! This is all good though because with so much material on display you’re basically guaranteed to discover something amazing. After combing the best-in-show articles I’ve found my gem: a small company called Badger Paddles.

Badger Water Colours (Image from

Badger Water Colours (Image from

Badger Paddles carries an exquisite line of canoe paddles that are constructed using traditional methods. Each paddle is hand shaped and finished such that no two are exactly the same! The finishing on these paddles is what really caught my eye. You have a few great options to choose from including: traditional hand-rubbed oil, hand-rubbed varnish, or the vibrant Badger Water Colour finishes.  An artist is also available to further personalize your paddle with names or a painting.

I’m looking forward to trying out one of these paddles on the water this summer and maybe ordering up a few as gifts for the future!

-Kayak Dave

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  1. badgerpaddles

    Hey, thanks so much for the mention and the accolades! Safe travels and happy paddling.. And thanks again for diggin’ our paddles…. ~Fiona

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