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Wilderness Systems Announces Tarpon X Angler Playboat

Posted by on April 1, 2013

Just when we thought that Wilderness Systems had pulled out all the stops with their newest kayak, the Aspire series,  Wilderness Systems announced a showstopper, a head-turner, and a game changing design. The all new Tarpon X is the industries first, one and only angler playboat. Designed to meet the needs of more advanced paddlers, the Tarpon X combines features of a whitewater, surf, SOT angler, and recreational kayak.


Tarpon X



While the design displayed above is not the final design to hit the showroom floor, Wilderness Systems newest concept will certainly bring a new conversation to the kayaking table. We would love to hear what our reader’s think of Wildy’s newest concept – Feel free to comment below with your first thoughts on the Tarpon X.



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