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Seward Kayaks Halo SR130 earns Outside Magazine Gear of the Year Award

Posted by on May 3, 2013

Outside Magazine recently released the Summer 2013 edition of their highly touted Gear of the Year Awards. These awards are meant to represent the best new outdoor gear on the market for the given season with recipients entering an exclusive club full of good company!

In general, I think that the folks at Outside do a good job of selecting camping, hiking, and fitness gear that is worthy of their prestigious award. However, I typically don’t give much weight to their opinions when it comes to topics in paddle sport because I don’t feel that they are as invested in this niche of the outdoors. Outside Magazine is notorious for reporting on all things that a hipster would consider to be bad **s. The only time that we ever hear about kayaking from them is when they think someone did something “cool” which can often be substituted directly with either “ridiculous” or “dangerous.” The bottom line is that there are much better sources out there for paddlers in my opinion including Canoe & Kayak Magazine and among many others. Anyway, I digress…

Seaward Kayaks Halo SR-130 (Image courtesy of  Seaward Kayaks)

Seaward Kayaks Halo SR-130 (Image courtesy of Seaward Kayaks)

What I’ve set out to say is that this year things may be a little different as I think that the folks at Outside might be on to something when they bestowed a gear of the year award on the Seward Kayaks Halo SR130. We don’t get the chance to see many Seward boats out here on the East Coast but the Halo SR130 looks like a nice transitional touring kayak on paper. It would be interesting to see how it would juxtapose with something like the Hurricane Excursion 128 on the water especially in terms of tracking and outfitting given that the Halo SR130 price point is significantly higher. I’ll be sure to let you know if I can find one to try…


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