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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Understanding Kayak Outfitting

With so many different makes and models of kayaks out there, it follows that there are just as many types of outfitting.  Outfitting is one of the key factors affecting the performance and usability of any kayak.  Properly fitted, outfitting allows the efficient transfer of energy from the paddler to the boat, via the paddle … Continue reading »

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Power Practical Meter Review

Overview: The Practical Meter by Power Practical (makers of the PowerPot) allows you to measure the power output of your USB charging device to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it!   The Deets: Compatible with any USB charger Measurement Range: 1 to 5 Watts Resolution: 1 Watt (rounds up) Physical Size: 1.7” … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week: A Sunset Vision

I’m please to introduce the newest member of the family…a lightly used (yet still shinny) Vision 120sp!!! I’ve really enjoyed tooling around on the lake in this sporty little 12-footer and figured that it was time to buy my own so that I could take it offsite for some micro-trip adventures! After all, it … Continue reading »

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Duct Tape Kayak Weekend at Billington Sea Kayak

The Duct Tape Kayak Project will be hosting our annual Fundraiser Weekend at Billington Sea Kayak in Plymouth, MA this Saturday and Sunday (June 15th & 16th, 2013) to support the new Massachusetts Chapter of Heroes on the Water. Come on down to the Billington Sea Kayak shop to get a close-up view of the … Continue reading »

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Aquabound Posilock Ferrule Review

Over the years I’ve seen dozens of ferrule designs (cam-lock, screw-lock, push button, ect.) all with their pluses and minuses. What I’ve comes to appreciate is that ferrules are a finicky thing and something that the engineer in me has no interest in designing. For example, Werner Paddles has goes through at least four iterations … Continue reading »

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Plastic Fantastic-Choosing a Whitewater Kayak

Anyone interested in getting into whitewater kayaking faces a daunting challenge-which boat is right for you?  With all of the different makes, models, shapes and colors, it’s tough to know where to start. There are three questions that I ask anyone who comes into my shop interested in purchasing a whitewater boat: 1)      Where will … Continue reading »

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The MacMillan Kayak

The MacMillan Kayak. Found in an unspecified Greenland location between 1908 and 1954 by Provincetown native Donald MacMillan, the “MacMillan Kayak” represents a quintessential piece of kayaking history. Built from only organic materials, the MacMillan kayak measures in at over 17 feet in length but barely surpasses a 19 inch beam. Although Admiral MacMillan made … Continue reading »

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New Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Category

This may seem slightly ironic to those readers who recall my comments about Stand Up Paddle Boarding in my post entitled “Five Predictions for Paddle Sport in 2013.”  I believe that I referred to SUP in the Northeast as a “passing fad” that would “fade like yoyos and pogs did in the 90s.” Ouch… I’ve … Continue reading »

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Whitewater Paddling Tips for Sea Kayakers

There may come the time when you decide to dabble in some whitewater paddling.  My adventures in whitewater paddling started when I joined the MIT Outing Club in graduate school. The sea kayaking season had just wrapped up but the whitewater folks were looking for some instructors to volunteer to teach winter pool sessions. This … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week: “High Visibility Kayaker”

Alex came to work this past Sunday decked out in orange and I couldn’t help but grab of picture of him in our shiny, new Stellar S12 demo! I was going to save this shot for the Fall and call it something like “Pumpkin Paddler” but it offers a teaching point that I can’t pass … Continue reading »

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