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Posted by on June 2, 2013 would like to thank Billington Sea Kayak for their continued support of the Duct Tape Kayak Project! For the second year in a row, owner Doug Gray has been instrumental to the success of this project by providing work space in his barn and offering to cost of the materials needed to build the Duct Tape Kayak. Thanks again for all of your help and support, Doug!

Billington Sea Kayak in Plymouth, MA is celebrating its 27th season in the kayaking industry this year! The shop offers a full-service and customer-centric kayak buying experience. Expert staff and a vast fleet of kayaks are available to customers at the demo dock in order to ensure that your new kayak is the right one for you. Those looking for a relaxing day trip may consider reserving an on-site rental where you can explore the wildlife and small islands that call Billington Sea home. Be sure to stop by Billington Sea Kayak on your next trip to Plymouth!


It’s important for us to acknowledge that the relationship between Billington Sea Kayak and runs deeper than the Duct Tape Kayak Project. Many of our instructors are presently serving on the Billington Sea Kayak staff as disclosed on our instructor biography pages. Working at Billington Sea Kayak gives us to opportunity to try out all sorts of kayaks and kayaking gear. This unique opportunity has inspired many of the review articles published on

Our passion for kayaking and the outdoors is the force that drives us to share our knowledge and opinions with the greater paddling community at Be reassured that we are in no way pressured or otherwise influenced by Billington Sea Kayak (or any other company) with respect to the products that we choose to test or the opinions that we present in our reviews. We value our independent approach and the objective viewpoint that we take in writing our kayak and gear reviews and promise to stay true to these values!

Happy Paddling!

-Kayak Dave

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