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Photo of the Week: “High Visibility Kayaker”

Posted by on June 4, 2013

High Visibility Kayaker

Alex came to work this past Sunday decked out in orange and I couldn’t help but grab of picture of him in our shiny, new Stellar S12 demo! I was going to save this shot for the Fall and call it something like “Pumpkin Paddler” but it offers a teaching point that I can’t pass up on…

We get a lot of questions about how paddlers can increase their visibility to others boaters on the water. Decking yourself out in high visibility colors such as pink, orange, yellow, or red is one option but that alone will not ensure your safety. The fact of the matter is that kayaks have a very low profile on the water and it’s nearly impossible to spot a still kayak at a distance regardless of its color…

Motion is the key to remaining visible to others on the water. The human brain does an excellent job of recognizing and focusing on changes in its visual field. Therefore, other boaters will most likely notice the flash of your paddle blades long before they would notice the color of your kayak. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in a brightly colored paddle and take the time to add a few strips of reflective tape to each blade. I also like to wear a high visibility life jacket and hat as your upper body may come into view before your kayak does. It’s my opinion that your kayak should be your favorite color, what ever that may be! :)

Happy Paddling!

-Kayak Dave

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