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Photo of the Week: A Sunset Vision

Posted by on June 25, 2013

Sunset Vision120sp

I’m please to introduce the newest member of the family…a lightly used (yet still shinny) Vision 120sp!!! I’ve really enjoyed tooling around on the lake in this sporty little 12-footer and figured that it was time to buy my own so that I could take it offsite for some micro-trip adventures! After all, it did receive a Gear of the Year Award in 2012 for being the staff pick of all the new kayaks that we had the opportunity to demo throughout the year!

A special thanks goes to Corey Morris for snapping this photo of me during a recent Moonlight tour on Billington Sea…being the photographer in the group means that you’re rarely the subject of the pictures that you take and it’s nice to add this to the surprisingly few photos of me in a kayak!

-Kayak Dave

2 Responses to Photo of the Week: A Sunset Vision

  1. Liz

    Hi Dave, I think we’re about the same size, so I was hoping you could give me some advice-
    I’m looking for a small kayak that will primarily used for touring narrow winding rivers and coastal areas. Maneuverability and tight fit are my top priorities vs. tracking or speed. Both the Vision 120sp and Alchemy 14s are on my demo list, and your blog has positive reviews for both- Can the Vision execute a tighter spin due to its shorter length, or is the Alchemy still more maneuverable since it was designed as a playboat? Also, how much of a beating can the Vision’s hybrid material take?

    • arrudad

      Hi Liz!

      Happy to help you with my opinions regarding the Vision 120SP and the Dagger Alchemy S. Clearly, I have a bias toward the Vision 120SP as I just added one to my fleet :). I did this because it’s super lightweight, tracks well for a “maneuverable” 12footer, and I find the cockpit to be very comfortable. It’s like a mini sea kayak :) I’ve been using it to teach classes and buzz around the lake for a while now and it’s been great (much better than lugging my heavier sea kayak everywhere I go!). It’s made of composite materials and it will show cosmetic wear more readily than a plastic kayak would. Otherwise it should hold up pretty well for the average paddler so long as you carry it (rather than drag it around) and try not to hit too many rocks.

      Another (smaller) instructor actually authored the Dagger Alchemy 14S review. I’ve found the “S” version to be very small and fairly uncomfortable for me even though I’m only 5’6″ tall. I much prefer the “L” version as the deck is a little higher and my legs feel less cramped. The Alchemy 14L is fairly maneuverable for its length and has a drop skeg that helps with tracking. It’s a nice kayak to paddle and more affordable than the Vision but significantly heavier…

      Your best bet will be to try both of these kayaks to see which one better suits your needs.

      Happy Paddling!

      -Kayak Dave

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