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Photo of the Week: SUP…Lazy Boy Style

Posted by on July 11, 2013

Lazy Boy SUP

Have you ever been out on your SUP and thought to yourself: “man would it be nice to sit down for a minute”…

Let’s just say that a situation arose at the shop a few weeks back that gave me the chance to give Sit Down Paddleboarding (SDP) a go! It can get quite windy on the lake in the afternoon and this day was no exception. It was so windy that one of our chairs blew clear off the dock and found a new home a few hundred feet down the shoreline. Call me lazy but I was not interested in dragging the rowboat out to go after this chair so I went with the more more accessible option: one of our new Bic DuraTec Paddleboards!

I bolted downwind to the chair all ready to save the day when I realized that I hadn’t put much thought into how to get the chair back to the dock. After all, I would be paddling against the wind and the chair was liable to take off on me again. That’s when I had my “epiphany”…it became clear to me that the only way to secure this chair to the paddleboard was to sit on it! Surprisingly, this worked out quite well! The system was remarkably stable despite the wind and waves and I had no trouble returning our beloved chair to the dock while paddleboarding lazy-boy style! Thankfully, Steve was on hand to snap this photo for posterity!

Happy Paddling!

-Kayak Dave

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  1. PAC

    Doug G said he is going to try this–nice one!

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