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Eddyline Fathom Review

Posted by on July 13, 2013



The Deets

Material: Carbonlite 2000 (thermoformed plastic)

Style: Touring/Sea Kayak

Length: 16’6”

Width: 22”

Weight: 50 lbs

Cockpit Size: 31.5 x 16.5 inches

Max Capacity: 340lbs

Hull Type: Hard “V”

MSRP: $2,699


Manufacturer’s comments

“The Fathom is a must for any paddler looking for a responsive, lively kayak that will not only please but delight you with its smooth yet playful nature and it stylish elegant lines.” –Eddyline Kayaks


Tom Derrer taking a spin in the Fathom

Tom Derrer taking a spin in the Fathom

The Review


The Eddyline Fathom is a brilliantly crafted sea kayak that blends both speed and stability with the features necessary in a touring kayak. Outfitted with three spacious hatches and plenty of cargo space, the Fathom is designed with the multi-day tripper in mind. The keyhole cockpit is spacious and very adjustable to accommodate a variety of paddlers. Its roomy seating area is perfect for larger paddlers with longer legs and larger feet. For smaller paddlers, the Fathom can easily be adjusted to provide a lower-volume feel.



With hard lines throughout, the Fathom is reminiscent of a traditional Greenland-style kayak with hints of British inspired design. The stability profile on the Fathom is very impressive. From moderate to experienced paddlers, the Fathom provides ample initial stability without comprising responsiveness. In addition, its hard chines allow the craft to remain on edge for premier secondary stability. The combined stability is moderate overall which gives the Fathom a playful yet secure feeling. Due to its versatility, the Fathom would make an excellent companion in long distance, multi-day adventures. If day tripping is not your forte, the Fathom packs a ton of on water performance for fitness, instructing, rolling, surf, and play.



Tracking & Skeg

In terms of tracking, the Fathom performs exceptionally well due to its hard “V” shaped hull design. In addition, the Fathom is outfitted with a manually operated drop skeg, putting the paddler in control when facing headwinds or converging currents. The drop skeg’s operation is smooth, functional, and very reliable.



Eddyline manufactures kayaks of superior quality and the Fathom is no exception. Built of Eddyline’s staple Carbonlite 2000 thermoformed plastic, the Fathom both looks and performs like a composite kayak. The thermoformed construction is both stiff, light weight, and impact resistant.




One of the most versatile kayaks on the market, the Eddyline Fathom will never leave you wanting more. Its performance ranks above par and offers many great outfitting features and options. In addition, its lightweight, rigid construction puts the Fathom in line next to composite touring kayaks. Overall, the Fathom is a great touring, play, or fitness kayak for any moderate-to-experienced paddler big or small.


Pros: versatile, primary and secondary stability, great outfitting features, overall construction and build quality, wears well over time

Cons: Not suited for beginners, high price point



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