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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Additional thoughts of best Small SUV for kayaking

  Subaru Forester My choice for “Small SUV” is based on reliability, AWD, ground clearance and the ability to accommodate a wide bar spread for those of us who are sea kayakers. Over the past 25 years, my wife and I have had 7 Subarus. I have had a 2005 Forester and currently drive a … Continue reading »

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Best Cars & SUVs for Kayak Lovers

There is a select breed of individuals driving on the road today who would purchase a car or SUV second to a kayak, many of which, I would imagine, are readers of this blog. These adventure bound people are looking for cars with many key features including cargo space, roof top capability, roof height, ground … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Week: SUPing with TEK Photography

We were very lucky to have the talented Taylor Kloss, the founder of TEK Photography blog, along for an impromptu photo shoot at the shop this past weekend! Taylor had just returned from her cross-country adventure and I invited her to join us and some other college friends for a mid-summer cookout. However, I didn’t … Continue reading »

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The Focus is on Wilderness Systems at OR2013

Is it really August already?? It’s funny because I probably wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the big, giant Outdoor Retailer 2013 alert on my Google calendar! Nothing like a gear convention to wake you up from Summer Dreaming J… Anyway…I guess another year has gone by but it certainly doesn’t seem that … Continue reading »

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