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Monthly Archives: September 2013

P&H Introduces Kayak Sail

“Fall Sales” Ahead! P&H is currently in the process of finalizing its negotiations with Australian kayak sail manufacturer Flat Earth for a joint-venture launch of a new kayak sail. Although the sail designed for use with P&H sea kayaks is still in the prototype stages, P&H expects to have production models available to the market … Continue reading »

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Five Tips for SUP Touring

Touring on your SUP can be a unique and rewarding experience. It’s just so quick and easy to throw a board on the water, strap on some must-have gear, and shove off on an after-work adventure! One of my latest kicks involves taking a SUP down to the lake, bringing along a hammock and book, … Continue reading »

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Astral Greenjacket (2013 Edition) PFD Review

Overview: “The Greenjacket represents the most innovative and comfortable rescue vest to date. Featuring a freestyle tectonic front panel, large clamshell pocket with multiple compartments, added back protection, fleece hand-warmer and a variety of safety features, this jacket is the top choice for river guides and expedition paddlers alike.” – Astral Buoyancy Stats: PFD Type: … Continue reading »

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Stellar Intrepid 18 (SI18) Sea Kayak Review

Overview: The Stellar Intrepid 18 (SI18) Sea Kayak, a very capable and more traditional hull design. Hard chines, a defined keel and a retractable skeg provide excellent handling in the Rock-Gardens or longer adventures…” Stellar Kayaks The Deets: Material: Four composite layups available (Sport, Advantage, Excel, Ultra) Class: Touring Length: 18’ Width: 21.3’’ Deck Height: … Continue reading »

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Kayak Classifications Chart: Length to Width Ratio

If you have ever entered into a canoe, kayak, or other flatwater race you have most likely had to list your vessel per its waterline length to width ratio (often seen as L:W). Most flatwater racing organizations follow this universally recognized classification for kayaks: Single Kayaks Sea Kayak– L:W ratio less than 9.25:1 Fast Sea Kayak– … Continue reading »

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Lincoln Seguin Kayak Review

Overview: “Lincoln’s newest kayak symbolizes the beauty and exhilaration that comes from exploring our local waterways. Inspired through 25 years of paddling Maine’s unforgettable coastline, its precise and graceful lines are truly functional for everyday paddling. From open and exposed bays to calm and protected harbors, the Seguin is designed to be playful in nature … Continue reading »

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Where’s the Whitewater? Understanding Whitewater Resources

For good or ill, New England’s rivers aren’t what they once were.  Once the heart of the Industrial Revolution, rivers powered early industry and towns and cities were founded on their banks.  This led to tremendous economic growth and prosperity, while at the same time changing the character of our rivers forever. Most, if not … Continue reading »

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