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P&H Introduces Kayak Sail

Posted by on September 26, 2013

“Fall Sales” Ahead!

P&H is currently in the process of finalizing its negotiations with Australian kayak sail manufacturer Flat Earth for a joint-venture launch of a new kayak sail. Although the sail designed for use with P&H sea kayaks is still in the prototype stages, P&H expects to have production models available to the market by 2014.

Photo Credit: Douglas Wilcox

Photo Credit: Douglas Wilcox


Flat Earth Kayak Sails are independently designed and constructed by Australian sea kayaker Mick MacRobb. Mick’s lightweight and versatile design of Flat Earth sails blends a unique concept: sail when you want, paddle when you need. The sail can be compactly stowed and folded on the deck of the kayak and fully deployed in just seconds. In order to keep the mast both lightweight and strong, it is constructed from a proprietary blend of Dacron, Mylar laminate, and spectra scrim.

photo 1


The process of installation is not “plug and play,” but rather complex and may require professional installation. In order to ensure a secure and permanent install, drilling is required through the deck to install the mast foot, fitting cleats, sheet pulleys, and deck rigging. A complete guide to installation can be found on Flat Earth’s official website.


What about a centerboard?

P&H’s original prototype design of the Flat Earth sail was affixed to a modified Aries 155. This version (seen below) was retrofitted with a centerboard designed to be deployed while sailing. The integrated centerboard is not needed to use the sail accessory but will add stability and help give the boat some extra power when sailing upwind.

Photo Credit: Rapid Media

Photo Credit: Rapid Media

What’s next?

Stay tuned as P&H and Flat Earth finalize a production model of their sea kayak sail in the US market. Although an official MSRP has not been announced in the United States, the sail rig unit is expected to be priced in the $350-400 range.

Photo Credit: Douglas Wilcox

Photo Credit: Douglas Wilcox



Happy paddling (or sailing)!


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