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What to get a kayaker for Christmas?

Posted by on December 20, 2013

Christmas is fast approaching and it may be your final weekend to find that special gift for the kayak-hearted person in your family.

But what if they already have everything, or you just don’t understand enough about kayaking to know what to buy? Well… that’s not a problem. I have compiled a short list of products that may spark some gift shopping ideas for your kayaker.

#1) Paddling gloves.

paddling gloves

Paddling gloves are one of the ubiquitous gear items that it seems every kayaker has in their paddling bag. Surprisingly, not many kayakers own gloves, especially for cold weather paddling. Check your local paddling shop for gloves designed specifically for kayaking. Fingerless gloves are best for warm-weather paddling, while thicker neoprene gloves are best suited for fall/winter paddling.



#2) Handheld VHF Radio

vhf radio


This item is ideal for the more adventure inspired kayaker. This is not a 2-way radio; a handheld VHF radio is designed for marine-specific use in the instance of an emergency or for essential communication with other boaters.  Basic models are designed for emergency communication only while higher-end models can include features such as GPS-location, compass, flashlight, and thermometer. I would recommend checking out your local marina shop and seeking expert advice rather than springing for an online purchase.



#3) Local paddling guide book



One of the best resources for unlocking hidden paddling spots can be found in locally written guide books. Guide books include maps, trip suggestions, geography, and wildlife details pertaining to kayaking. Most guide books are written by local paddlers so the information is relevant and accurate. Purchase the newest edition to make sure the information is current.


#4) Waterproof light


If you are on a smaller budget, one item to consider is a waterproof light. Headlamp or clip-on styles are ideal because they allow kayakers to keep both hands free on the water. Flashlights come and go on the water and are often not replaced when lost. You can find these at local paddling shops or at your local department store in the outdoor section. Just make sure it is waterproof.


#5) GoPro camera


If you are ambitious and seeking to spring on a more expensive item, consider surprising your kayaker with a new GoPro camera. GoPro cameras are designed to mount on outdoor gear to provide the perfect POV adventure angle every shot. GoPro cameras come with a waterproof case so they are perfect for the watersport inspired filmmaker.

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