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Capsurz – Cap Saver Product Review

Posted by on July 1, 2014

Kayakers know that one of the biggest and most frustrating challenges of wearing a baseball cap or hat on the water is the risk of losing it. High winds and the fact that you’re constantly surrounded by water makes wearing a cap a losing compromise.

Last winter I had to opportunity to connect with Mari and Eric, the owners and operators of Capsurz, over a quick conversation on Twitter. After losing my fair share of hats on the ocean, I thought it would be a great I idea to try a pair of Capsurz for myself. Mari sent me a couple pairs of Capsurz to give a try first thing this season.


 In late April I was able to break out my Capsurz for the first time of the season at the Run of the Charles Canoe & Kayak Race. As a kayak racer, if you lose your hat, there is no way you can “go back” to retrieve it without losing critical time. I was able to secure my Capsurz before that start of the race on my orange Gore-Tex cap that I frequently where on the water. The Capsurz secured with ease in a matter of seconds and easily adjusted to my desired fit. After the six-mile loop, I was happy to see that I still had my hat without having to make any time-carving pit stops.










In early June I went out with a group of friends in Cotuit Harbor on Cape Cod. The harbor welcomed us with a pretty aggressive SW wind which chased us through the duration of the first leg. After coming around the lee side of the island, we were hit with a nasty head wind which definitely gave the Capsurz a test. Even though we were traveling directly into 20-30 knot gusts, my cap remained secure and planted on my head.


 Overall, the Capsurz are a great and inexpensive investment for anyone looking to keep their cap secured during outdoor activities. Made in the USA of stainless steel clips and colorfast paracord, you don’t have to worry about rust or unexpected tears—Capsurz are built for the long-haul. Whether boating, kayaking, or hiking above windy tree line Capsurz are definitely a great product to list with the essentials.


Don’t forget to windproof your “cat” too!

One Response to Capsurz – Cap Saver Product Review

  1. Mari

    Thanks for reviewing Capsurz, Alex!
    Your explanation shows it’s truly a breeze to windproof your cap for hands-free hat security.
    Paddle safe!

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