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Two Kayakers Encounter Pod of Right Whales (VIDEO)

Posted by on July 24, 2014

Check out this amazing video of two kayakers who approach a pod of Right whales off the coast of Argentina. This incredible experience is all caught on film from a point of view perspective. From [personal experience, I would never advise getting “up and close” with any species of whale in their natural environment. If you encounter whales while kayaking I would advise keeping at least 100 yards away in order to protect yourself and the whales.

One Response to Two Kayakers Encounter Pod of Right Whales (VIDEO)

  1. Adalberto Pyznar

    Sea kayaking is a natural vehicle for whale watching in their habitat: a world apart.
    Because there is strong evidence that innappropriate whale watching (especially with motor boats) can significantly affect the biology and the ecology of whales, I belive in ours right conducts over a sea kayak to mitigate the impact of such especially encounter (keep a safety distance).
    My sightings aren´t in Peninsula Valdes (Patagonia) but in Miramar (Buenos Aires southeast in Argentina). Fortunately, in recent years, there are increasing sightings of Southern Right Whales and Killer Whales and I belive that they are recolonizating historic habitats.

    Southern Right Whales:

    Killer Whales:

    Best regards and congratulations for your notes.

    Adalberto Pyznar

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