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Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag Review

Posted by on August 7, 2014


“With its multiple tie-down points, bungees, and side straps for added storage, you will have plenty of room for added gear with our Deluxe Deck Bag.” – Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag

The Deets:

Materials: RF-welded Vinyl

Height x Width x Depth: 6in x 13in x 14in

Volume: 791 cubic inches

Weight: 2lbs 4oz

Colors: Yellow

MSRP: $64.95



It seems to me that deck bags have been out of vogue over the past few years thanks in part to the fact that manufacturers are putting so much emphasis on integrated deck pods. These deck pods have been touted as a superior storage solution to deck bags because they are “integrated, recessed, and remain easy to access from the cockpit.”  I make the point to fully investigate these deck pods when I try out new boats and I’ve been largely unimpressed; they’re not removable like deck bags, they take up space in the cockpit, and it’s often difficult to access their contents while paddling. Sometimes it requires the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast to reach any gear that has slipped into the nether-reaches of a pod. These are just some of the reasons why I still prefer deck bags!

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag (Front)

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Deluxe Deck Bag by Seattle Sports remains one of the best deck bags on the market! Seattle Sports prides itself on the superior quality of its RF-welded vinyl products and the Deluxe Deck bag is no exception. I’ve had the chance to test this deck bag to the max and found that it’s fully RF-welded seams keep the water out even when your deck gets washed over! Furthermore, its low-profile design presents minimal windage when strapped on the fore deck.

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag (Open)

The designers also put a lot of thought into the functionality of this deck bag. It has multiple tie-down points, bungees and side straps for added storage. There is also a clear window (a bit on the small side) that faces cockpit to allow the paddler to locate their essential gear (e.g. gloves, rain coat, snack) more easily. The opposite end of the bag features a reflective patch and lashing mount for a strobe light to help keep you visible. The one thing that I’m not a huge fan of is the fact that the bag doesn’t open fully. This is probably to prevent gear from spilling out but it would be much easier to get larger items into the bag if the zippers were extended another inch on each side.

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag (SUP)

Deck bags have long been synonymous with kayaks. However, my favorite use for the Deluxe Deck Bag in on the deck of my SUP! Indeed, kayaks hold many storage options such as hatches, bungee cords, and the like. SUPs, on the other hand, offer very little in terms of storage and nothing in terms of dry storage for those few essential items (jacket, hammock, ect) that make a half-day adventure all that much better. Yes, you could always throw these things in a dry bag but the low-profile and flat bottom of the Deluxe Deck Bag lends itself nicely to stowing gear on the nose of the SUP. I’ve often used the Deluxe Deck Bag in the fashion on afternoon SUP trips to The Island. It carries my Hammock and Kindle like a champ!

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag. This is a quality product with a lot of well-thought-out features! Kayakers and SUPers alike should consider the Deluxe Deck Bag as a legitimate storage solution to make those small essentials more accessible!

Happy Paddling!

-Kayak Dave

P.S:  We also had the chance to send our Deluxe Deck Bag up to Alaska for some additional field testing. We’re looking forward to hearing a report from our friend up North!


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