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Author Archives: Alex Russo

How to Prevent Blisters When Kayaking

Kayakers, especially folks new to the sport, are very familiar with blisters. Hand blisters typically form on the inside of thumbs, upper palms, and on the padding of fingers. This guide will give a brief insight on your first line of defense against developing blisters on the water. Proper grip. Your first line of defense … Continue reading »

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What to get a kayaker for Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching and it may be your final weekend to find that special gift for the kayak-hearted person in your family. But what if they already have everything, or you just don’t understand enough about kayaking to know what to buy? Well… that’s not a problem. I have compiled a short list of … Continue reading »

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Black Friday 2013 Kayak Deals to Avoid

The holiday season brings together family, friends, home style foods, and a welcoming change to the New Year. After a hearty Thanksgiving feast many eager shoppers hit the local retail stores to reap the best discounts of the season. From tablets to tables, Black Friday brings millions of enraged consumers to storefronts in hopes of … Continue reading »

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Do you need a life jacket for kayaking?

The following article will address and confirm some of the common myths about life jackets, and address the difference a life jacket can make between life and death. Season after season, whether purchasing or renting a kayak; we always interact with at least a dozen people who have an utter aversion to wearing a life … Continue reading »

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The best recreational kayaks for beginners

So… what’s a “recreational” kayak? This series is intended as a buyer’s guide and will explore the many markets of beginner kayaks, from recreational kayaks to sea kayaks, we will look at kayaks which are best fit for those just starting out. In this article, we will look at recreational kayaks—kayaks which are designed for … Continue reading »

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Halloween Feature! Giant Pumpkin Regatta

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the term “pumpkin kayak?” Well… If you have never been to the annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin, Oregon than we can be certain that you have never actually SEEN or heard of a pumpkin kayak. 10 years and running, the … Continue reading »

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Urban Kayaking- Winter Edition! (Video)

Check out this kayaker ravage the icy winter streets of Tallinn, Estonia in a Zegul composite sea kayak. Zegul, a Tahe Marine brand, aimed to test the ruggedness and durability of  their composite layups. Would you take your kayak on a trip through the streets? Let us know what you think.  

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P&H Introduces Kayak Sail

“Fall Sales” Ahead! P&H is currently in the process of finalizing its negotiations with Australian kayak sail manufacturer Flat Earth for a joint-venture launch of a new kayak sail. Although the sail designed for use with P&H sea kayaks is still in the prototype stages, P&H expects to have production models available to the market … Continue reading »

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Kayak Classifications Chart: Length to Width Ratio

If you have ever entered into a canoe, kayak, or other flatwater race you have most likely had to list your vessel per its waterline length to width ratio (often seen as L:W). Most flatwater racing organizations follow this universally recognized classification for kayaks: Single Kayaks Sea Kayak– L:W ratio less than 9.25:1 Fast Sea Kayak– … Continue reading »

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Eating a sustainable diet on a kayaking trip

One of the most challenging parts about planning a multi-day kayaking trip is how you plan your meals. Maintaining a balanced and an energizing food plan is essential to keeping you sustained on the water. In addition to the challenges of planning appropriate times to eat, long-distance paddlers often face the challenge of where they are going … Continue reading »

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